What We’re Reading This Week


  1. Wonders of America Niagara Falls:  Easy Reader, simple introduction to another book in our pile.
  2. Canada ABCs. We are studying Canada this week.  We will read 5-6 letters a day.  Today we learned about Beavers, Comedians and the Flag.
  3. Earth’s Cycles:  We are using this book to learn about photosynthesis.  The girls are growing Marigold seeds we saved from last year.
  4. The History of US: The First Americans.  We’re going to read this book for history.
  5. Picasso is our artist of the month.
  6. Picasso and Minou – storybook.
  7. Johann Sebastian Bach.  We are reading about Bach and listening to a CD we checked out from the library.
  8. Two Eggs, Please.  We are using this for a simple lesson on critiquing literature.
  9. Kids Make Music – This is more of a pre-school/kindergarten book, but they have a couple of awesome hands-on Bach activities that we want to do!


In honor of Pi Day  on March 14th we are reading the Sir Cumference series this week.  This is a continuation of implementing living math books into our learning days.


Because I am completely unsatisfied with how the history writers handle the issue of slavery and the beginning of our country, we are doing a separate reading unit.

  1. The Runaway’s Revenge, from Trailblazer Books series.  We have read 4 chapters of this book.  They are long enough for the 5th grader and short enough for her to not yawn at me.  We just finished learning about John Newton and Amazing Grace so this is a great transition to our study.
  2. Calico Captive:  This book actually goes with French & Indian War.  We’ll start it after The Runaway’s Revenge is complete.
  3. The Abolitionist Movement.  I’m using this text for introducing my fifth grader to a higher level of reading analysis.
  4. The African Slave Trade.  Book 1 of 2 of our Spine for the study.
  5. Africans in America, 1619-1865.  Book 2 of 2 of our Spine for the study.
  6. The story of Harriet Tubman.  We received this book after March 10th (Harriet Tubman Day) so we will be reading tomorrow.
  7. The Escape of Oney Judge.  Story of Martha Washington’s slave’s journey to freedom.

So today after reading the story of Oney, my 5th grader looks at me and says:

“George Washington was the father of freedom, yet he had slaves?  How could he have freedom from himself and not give freedom to the slaves?”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.