God’s Great Covenant NT 1 The Gospels {Review}

ggcNT1_LRGMy question: How can a child be taught the concepts of the Bible without overwhelming them with details?

AnswerGod’s Great Covenant by Classical Academic Press

God’s Great Covenant brings the story of Jesus alive on a level that children can understand. Using the Classical Education approach, this course provides a solid understanding of Jesus using the four Gospels of the New Testament. The student will complete the course with a thorough understanding of the historical and biblical significance of Jesus Christ.

We chose to review the New Testament 1: The Gospels. We received a Student Workbook, Teacher’s Edition and set of audio files. The student workbook is consumable (each student must have their own purchased copy). The teacher’s book is like the student book with the addition of notes and answers. The audio files are in MP3 format; they can be downloaded and used wherever you want to listen!

Since we are not classical educators, we used this course as an outline and tweaked it for our learning styles. The 4-Unit course contains 36 chapters covering Jesus’s life from his birth until The Ascension. Each chapter contains a memory page, story and worksheet. At the end of each unit, there is Memory Passage Worksheet, Devotional Guide and Simon’s World story. The worksheet and Devotional Guide can be used as a quarterly review.

How our family used this course:

Our goal for this course is two-fold: historical understanding of Jesus and knowledge of our basic faith. The first two chapters are theological in nature; they address the nature of Jesus Christ and his relation to God. My husband and I both felt at this time the girls are not ready for the theological viewpoint of Jesus’s story. To adjust, we skipped the first two chapters and started with Jesus birth.

Week 1: Introduction

Each day we read an introduction section.  The information contained within the first 32 pages of this book is rich!  We enjoyed creating a Venn-diagram comparing the Old and New Covenant.  Learning the historical and political situation of Jesus’ birth and ministry gave us a greater understanding of his culture.  The chronological introduction was turned into a time-line lesson.  The geographical introduction helped us to visualize where the story takes place.   Simon placed the story of the Bible into the world of a kid.


Weekly Lesson Plan (Week 3+)

Monday (Memory Page):  Each memory page gives a theme, scripture to read, memory passage, key facts and prophecy fulfilled.  We created notebook pages to record the key facts in our Bible notebooks.  We summarized the prophecy fulfilled paragraph using a notebook page.  The girls work on memorizing the week’s scripture.

Wednesday (Story Time):  The girls read along with the audio for story-time.  After story-time we utilize narration for comprehension.  The girls review memory verse.

Friday  (Worksheets/Review):  Because the student book is consumable we did not use the worksheets.  Instead, we used each worksheet as a tool for discussion to review concepts and ideas from this week’s lesson.  Friday is also the day we quoted the week’s memory verse.

About God’s Great Covenant

Publisher’s Marketing Description

Teaching the Bible to young children can be a large task, and is often divided up into many small stories. However, if you would like to teach your students the truly big picture of the Bible, and show them how God has been at work in his people since before creation, you will find God’s Great Covenant to be a unique, surprising, and excellent Bible curriculum. The Bible, taught chronologically, by means of simple and direct stories, chants, and meditation on God’s character define God’s Great Covenant. Even many adults find themselves learning new facts, making surprising connections, and being blessed by reminder of God’s faithfulness, and how he always keeps his promises. Taught from a covenantal and reformed theological perspective, and rooted in Scripture, you will find this series to be a blessing to your classroom or family.

Our Final Thought

To fully utilized this course, purchase the teacher’s book, student book for each student and the audio files.  If you are on a budget AND you are not a classical educator, I would simply purchase the teacher book.

Our family will continue to use this resource for learning the life and times of Jesus.  We are thankful to Classical Academic Press and the TOS Crew for giving us the opportunity to review God’s Great Covenant.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.