Blog Hop: 5 Days of Living Math


I am excited to be a member of “5 Days of Blogging with the Homeschool Crew”!

This week I will be sharing with you about using Living Math in homeschooling.

When I was first introduced to the concept of living math, I was a little bit confused.  How can one make math alive and still become a master of math?  After all, isn’t math just about learning your numbers, facts and formulas?

If your child is like my daughter, math is a skill to be suffered through, not a fact of life that can be explored and embraced.  As we spent the last year buying math workbook after math workbook trying to find a “good fit”, the thought that I could eliminate a workbook never occurred to me.

What is Living Math?

Living math is math in life, in context, math that has relevance to the learner. ~ Julie Brennan, Living

When I started home schooling, the one subject I was confident about was math.  After all, I have taken college algebra classes, how hard could teaching multiple-digit subtraction and multiplication be?  As we finish our 2nd year of home schooling, I am amazed at how hard teaching multiplication can be…when you have a child who does not like math.

We have started to move toward a relaxed Charlotte Mason style education in our home.  As I started to bring books into our home instead of textbooks, I would wonder, “What do I do with math?”  In January, I began to seriously explore the idea of living math.  This week, I hope to share some of the fun things I have learned!

How do I use living math?

My children use textbooks for math.  It’s a compromise made with the other parent.  Here’s how math works in our house:

  • Monday-Thursday:  Textbook Lessons.  We follow the lesson plan:  1 Lesson per day.  Currently we are using Teaching Textbooks, Singapore Math & Saxon Math.  Each program meets the particular learning needs of each child.
  • Monday-Thursday:  The girls are each given 15-30 minutes of media/game math time to reinforce their math skills.  I will cover this later in the week).
  • Friday:  Living Math day.  We use this day to learn math together as a family.  This can mean something as simple as making cookies to exploring pi and recreating it in nature.  The idea is to help my kids make the connection between math and the world around them.

Are you interested in learning more?

My favorite resources for learning about Living Math are:

I will be sharing more this week about making math alive for your children.

Here’s the upcoming schedule:

I am really excited to share our adventures with you!  The next cruise is set to sail…get aboard!



  1. What a great topic. I will be watching this one too!

  2. I keep saying that I’m only doing regular math M-Th and doing something more fun on Fri. Then I just don’t do it. Already inspired by this series. I can’t wait to read the rest.

    • Thank you for the comment! I am hoping that I can get my kids to do math early this week, for the final segment!