Prayer for my Daughters

Prayer for My Daughters

My heart hurts this morning.

I’m sure you have heard about Miley’s performance on the VMA’s.  People respond with the typical adjectives.  Shocking.  Disturbing.  Vulgar.  Disgusting.


We say that modesty is “stifling” and sexuality is “empowering”.  We have made it clear that a woman’s value comes from our bodies and our ability to attract a mate.

Toddlers and Tiaras.  Hannah Montana16 and Pregnant.  MTV Awards.

We watch shows that glorify pimping of 3 year olds that look like little prostitutes.  Our girls adore Hannah, a girl who gets “the best of both worlds”.  We say that it’s ok to be 16 and pregnant. MTV – the ultimate in popularity. And we are shocked by Miley’s behavior?

Clearly, I missed something.

I’m not surprised.  Remember Britney Spears?  I watched this young girl be exploited for money.  40-year-old men state just what they’d like to do with her hot young body.  I watched her lose her way.  And then when Hollywood was done with her, she lost it.  And she was condemned.

I am reminded of a song my girls like by Bebo Norman, Britney.

Britney I’m sorry for this cruel, cruel world
we sell the beauty but destroy the girl

Think about that.  We are destroying our girls.  Our future.

And this momma is tired.  Tired of hurting girls.  Tired of a culture that treats these precious gifts as chattel sold on the sex market.  ENOUGH.  This momma is not playing that game.

My daughters’ bodies are not for sale.

My daughters’ minds are not for sale.

My daughters’ souls are not for sale.

If that means I’m criticized as old-fashioned.  Fine.  If I’m viewed as the world’s meanest mother.  OK.

I WILL NOT stand by while this culture tells my girls that their value lies in selling themselves as cheap entertainment.  I WILL NOT let this culture tell my girls that what they need is to follow the crowd, be like the others.  I WILL NOT let this culture tell my girls that they have no soul, there is no God and that it doesn’t matter what you do.

I did not go through pregnancy, labor, endless nights of no sleep and hours of prayer to let my girls be destroyed.  I am their momma and I WILL protect them.  Their WHOLE being.

There are memes going around, “Praying for Miley”.   We need to go further.  We need to pray for all our girls.  For protection.  For healing.  For grace and mercy.

And when we get off our knees, we need to stand up, put on our armor and fight for them.

Mommas, don’t leave your girls standing alone.  Fight for them.  Protect them.

That’s all this morning on my heart…